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Group Purchasing Program and Solution Partners

The Group Purchasing and Solution Partners Program provides exclusive service arrangements and discounted pricing to save you time and expenses.

Paramount Group formed a focused Group Purchasing Program (GPP) that allows practices to leverage the services and products from the region's best vendors and suppliers and service providers. Each vendor (Solution Partner) provides Paramount Group participants and members an exclusive discount on their service or products. Paramount Group works to bring new vendors into the GPP and looks for input from members to suggest additional vendors/solutions.  

The Solution Partners are your connection to the products and services that help you succeed and reduce costs. Each partner brings you a valuable service or product at an exclusive discounted price. Additionally, each Solution Partner is expert in their field and all have extensive understanding of business of healthcare.

Through our alliance with our Solution Partners, we leverage resources, reputation and high quality, to deliver value and expertise to our members. To learn more about the group purchasing discount program contact any Solution Partner directly or call Paramount Group at 402-210-2742.

Select each vendors logo to learn more.

Billing and Clinic Operations and Electronic Medical Records

Custom Computing Corporation - an Omaha based company with 40 years of software development and practice management experience. Our understanding of the challenges you face as an independent physician motivates us to develop products and services that meet the needs of our clients through innovative and cost effective solutions – plus local support!

Maintain Independence – with our suite of practice management solutions which include: an optimized practice management system, an ONC-ATCB Certified Complete Ambulatory EHR and an award winning E-Prescribing system.

Reduce Risk – by utilizing our hosted solutions to comply with strict HIPAA & HITECH laws and data security, while benefiting from lower initial capital expenditures.

Increase Profitability – and add it to the bottom line with any of our professional services:

  • Medical Billing Services
  • Coding Services
  • Credentialing Services
  • Financial Services
  • Integration of electronic medical records
  • Data integration and clinical integration  

Get Rewarded – for your hard work by utilizing our products and services to participate in the following incentive programs:

  • ACO Adherence
  • PQRS Incentives
  • Meaningful Use
  • E-Prescribing

Contact us today at 1-800-7FREEDOM or by e-mail at to learn more about how we are helping many Nebraska and Iowa private practice physicians maintain their independence.

Health Education including Degree Programs and other training

Paramount Group Educational Programs

Throughout the year, Paramount Group coordinates, offers and sponsors training courses/programs for staff and physicians. Topics are varied and pertinent to issues facing clinics. Some programs are free and others cost a nominal fee. Members are notified in advance of all educational offerings. 

Imaging Systems and X-Ray, Products and Service

Browns Medical Imaging

No other imaging company addresses the needs of care providers like Browns Medical Imaging. 

Browns Medical Imaging is the most trusted source of imaging supplies and service. They offer a wide variety of imaging products, including digital and film based x-ray machines and can service all types imaging equipment. They are based out of Omaha and distribute and service equipment throughout the region.

Browns is:

 A Company Committed to Service

Deliver service at a level above and beyond the customer's expectation.

A Company Committed to Quality

We help our customers produce the highest quality diagnostic images and outputs.

A Company Committed to the Future

Built on the foundation of more than 25 years experience serving the health care industry, BMI has assembled a team of service and sales consultants with not only the knowledge to assist you, but industry resources that offers you access to the best imaging systems available. 

Browns works with all types of healthcare organizations, from clinics, to hospitals to chiropractic clinics with consistent customer services, expertise and with a wide range of products:   

  • Digital Radiography
  • Computer Radiography
  • PAC’s Systems
  • CT Systems
  • Ultra Sound
  • C-Arms
  • Mobile X-ray
  • Medical Printing Systems
  • Mammography
  • Bone
  • Densitometry
  • X-Ray Films and Solutions/Chemistry
  • X-ray Accessories and tables

Your participation in Paramount Group gives you exclusive pricing and service programs when purchasing through our program. Contact Browns today to find out how you can benefit from your participation in Paramount Group. .

Contact Brown’s Medical Imaging at:
Contact: Jim Ciurej
14315 'C' Circle
Omaha, NE 68144
Phone: 402-330-2168
Toll Free: 800-701-XRAY (9729)
Fax: 402-330-1120

Management Services and operational coordination

Practice Management Services

Running a practice efficiently, improving processes and dealing with the overall complexity of providing high quality care can be a challenge to most practices. Constant pressure to adapt and meet the ever changing clinical environment is a must. There is no reason to go at this alone. Paramount Group provides an array of transformational services. We are practice management experts, offering services built upon successful experiences in the ever-changing healthcare environment. 

Our Management Services are a proven way to take your practice to a higher level. Whether you are an established practice, just starting-out or looking to change how you do things—we can help you make a difference. Members of our proven and respected practice management team work with practices across the region to improve and succeed. 

Paramount Group Practice Management Services

  • Practice assessments
  • Financial systems assessment and implementation and management
  • Fee schedule development
  • Human resources packages
  • Operational improvement
  • Practice efficiency and revenue cycle management
  • Policy and procedure development, OSHA training
  • Chart audits
  • Purchasing overview
  • Clinic operations and staffing
  • Information systems and billing systems
  • Personnel services
  • Training
  • Compliance

           And more . . .

Our goal is to work with clinics and improve them where we can with right resources in the right amount of time.

Contact Paramount Group:
Contact: Stephen Peters

Clinic Start-up and Physician Relocation Program

Private Practice Start-Up Services

Many physicians are drawn to starting and owning their own practice. And there is good reason to own and operate your own practice. Two questions most physicians ask are: Should I do this? and How can I do this?  Starting up is less daunting when you have assistance, support and guidance along the way to autonomy and independence. At Paramount Group we have transitioned over 150 physicians into private practice with a proven suite of start-up services that range from full service (complete project management) to start-up consulting (guiding the process). Our team has the experience to help you make the move. If you have ever considered the move . . . contact us.
The first step is to meet with Paramount Group for a FREE Start-up Consultation. This is a fully confidential, initial meeting to address your interest and concerns regarding starting up. This meeting is an important first step that will provide you with insight and a clear sense of direction..

Start-up Services Include:

  • Physician readiness review
  • Start-up evaluation needs assessment
  • Feasibility assessments and pro-forma
  • Human resource services
  • Project management and resource allocation
  • Financial system and billing development and implementation
  • Legal management and corporate structure
  • Timeline and project guidelines
  • Contracts and payor negotiations (Will need to join Paramount)
  • Policy manual development
  • Referral program
  • Location services and office development
  • Buying group and supply services
  • Coordination of all clinic development
  • Electronic medical record selection
  • Marketing and communication
  • Financing
  • And More

Paramount Group makes it possible for you to start and run your own clinic.

Malpractice Insurance and Risk Management Programs

tlucas@clarksonregional.comSilverStone Group

Risk Planning and Malpractice Insurance

Your Reputation Protected!

In the healthcare profession, expectations are high and perfection is the minimum standard of care. You should expect your risk advisor to evolve with you, bringing ideas on how to keep pace with industry change. At SilverStone Group, our nationally-recognized Healthcare Practice has the ability to offer solutions for your most complex insurance needs while providing advice and training on uninsured and emerging risks.

Our Professional Risk Services Team works with more than 400 healthcare organizations to provide comprehensive risk management solutions. We keep insurance costs in check while showing organizations a new set of uninsured costs they can reduce by managing risk better. This is evidenced by the 98% client renewal ratio for our PPA program of which most have been clients in excess of 10 years.

Paramount Group members have saved over $1 million in aggregate through the 10+ years that SilverStone Group has been managing insurance costs when compared to industry benchmarks. Even greater savings are possible when you start looking at people risk and other emerging risk areas we can identify and address. Whether you are a start-up or transitioning to the next generation, our team can show you how to get there.

Paramount Group members are also eligible to receive a free risk analysis, valued at $2,500, to help them determine what opportunities there are to cut costs and survive healthcare reform.

The areas of risk we can analyze include, but are not limited to:

  •  The impact of healthcare reform as it relates to your employee benefit plans
  •  Reputational, ethics and fraud risk
  •  Management of professional exposures
  •  Employment practice issues
  •  Retirement and benefit plan compliance/ROI
  •  Protection of client/customer/patient/employee information
  •  Proper insurance design/pricing for remaining insured risks
  •  Due diligence (ensuring business partners manage risk as well)                       
  •  Succession and continuity planning
  •  Selection of key employees
  •  Changes in compensation
  •  Employee engagement

Contact Silverstone Group at:
Contact: John Marshall
11516 Miracle Hills Drive, Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68154
402.964.5454 fax

Payor Contract Negotiation and Accountable Care Organization Services

Physician Network: Paramount Group, LLC

Being a part of an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) has a lot of advantages.

Paramount Group, LLC is one of the Midwest’s most respected contract negotiation organizations. Paramount Group maintains the contracts with its payor groups so you can focus on what is important: quality and efficient patient care.  Paramount negotiates contracts from the physician's perspective and continuously evaluates and monitors the healthcare environment to ensure that the needs of its members are being met.

There are many benefits to joining Paramount Group and physicians and clinic managers are encouraged to contact us to learn more about the benefits.

Paramount Group Offers:

  • Provider focused contract negotiations
  • Contracts are reviewed annually  
  • Obtain delegation of credentialing when required
  • Act as a liaison between plans, physicians and accountable care organizations
  • Payor resource center and education
  • Credentialing and Quality Assurance program to help ensure quality
  • Dispute resolution  
  • Physician and hospital relations

        And more . . . .

There is a nominal yearly fee to be a member in Paramount Group. However, the cost is offset by the services provided and outcomes achieved.

Join Paramount Today and Let Us Work For You

Contact Paramount Group at:
Contact: Theresa Lucas

Document Management and Printing and Advertising Services

Document Management and Printing Services

Performance Group

No other print management and marketing service provider understands healthcare like Performance.

Performance Group, Inc., is a local, full-service print management provider with over 250 years of collective print management experience.  The goal of the Performance team is to apply our industry experience and expertise to work for your practice to meet your company’s print management requirements.

Performance Group, Inc. and Paramount Group have teamed together to provide members with a host of affordable, quality print solutions for your practice. Performance Group offers members the best service and cost savings. 

Cost savings program:  The Performance Team has developed a Print Management program designed to offer members of the Paramount Group network special price discounts on all office and medical forms, promotional and marketing materials, and many of the file room products items you use within your practice. 

Product Offering:  Performance Group, Inc. offers our PPA member network a full line of products including:

  • Medical and office forms
  • Full-color marketing materials
  • Labels & labeling software
  • Advertising promotional Items
  • File room products

On-Line Print Management: Performance Group, Inc. also offers all Paramount Group members a robust on-line print management tool to gain the benefits of reduced print and procurement costs, faster turnaround times, improved accuracy and a better way to manage inventories of your printed materials.  Most of our clients realize a measurable increase in office efficiencies and increased productivity when implementing our print management program.

Contact Performance Group, Inc. at:
Contact: Steve Connelly
13308 Chandler Road, Omaha, NE 68138
(402) 896-9400 • (800) 913-9015
Fax 402-896-9308

Medical Waste Disposal and Document Destruction Services

Medical Waste Disposal and Document Destruction

            Medi-Waste Disposal and Paper Tiger Shredding

You want your medical waste and documents disposed of with efficiency and confidence. You cannot afford any mistakes when it comes to waste disposal. Paramount Group members can save time and expenses. 

Medi-Waste Disposal is a licensed and permitted transporter of medical waste, serving Nebraska and Iowa. They provide secure route pickup service of medical waste for healthcare facilities of all sizes. This service is provided for one low, flat rate that covers everything. There are no additional charges for containers, boxes or bags, no stop charges or fuel surcharges and no hidden fees of any kind.

Unlike some medical waste disposal companies that bill you every month regardless of whether or not they’ve serviced your facility that month, we bill you only when we pick up your medical waste. If we do not pickup medical waste at your facility in a given month, there is no charge and you won’t receive an invoice from us.

Whether your healthcare facility requires daily service, quarterly service or something in between, we will meet your needs.

Trust Paper Tiger Shredding for document shredding.

To learn more about the services call: Toll Free 855-4 RED BAG or email

Website for medical waste:

Contact Paper Tiger Shredding:

Contact: Todd Johnson
4201 Lowell Circle,
Lincoln, NE 68502
Toll Free: 855-4 RED BAG 855-473-3224
Local: 402-261-4157

Office Supplies Facilities Supplies and Health IT Supplies and Services

Office Supplies and Facilities Supplies including IT Hardware

            Staples Advantage

Healthcare Professionals Rely On Staples Advantage

Staples is the world's largest office products company and a trusted source for healthcare office solutions. With the Staples Advantage program, healthcare organizations can find even greater access to supplies at exclusive prices. Staples provides products, services and expertise in the categories of office supplies, furniture, technology, Copy & Print,  cleaning and facilities supplies. Staples has a complete IT solutions program, specifically focused on healthcare providers and clinic needs.

Your membership in Paramount Group offers you exclusive online ordering and customized pricing depending on your exclusive needs. The Paramount Group pricing program also works when purchasing directly from a Staples store.

Additionally, through Paramount Group, you have a dedicated Staples representative available to consult on your organizations needs.

Staples Advantage Offers solutions for

  •  Office Supplies
  •  Managed Printing
  •  Facility Solutions and material management including supplies
  •  Healthcare Technology Solutions including all IT products service
  •  Furniture Systems and design
  •  Cleaning and janitorial options and products
  •  Promotional and display items
  •  Printing and document management
  •  IT services and information storage

           And More . . . .

To set-up your Staples Advantage Account contact Staples directly.

Contact: Todd Dinges
4205 South 96th St.
Omaha, NE 68127
Phone: (402) 898-6536

Medical and Surgical Supplies

Medical Equipment & Supplies and Surgical Supplies

            Shared Service Systems and Physician’s Choice

Well run healthcare organizations know to not trust their medical supply chain to unknown or untested distributors. You need the best distributor to be on your side and Paramount Group members have direct access to Shared Service Systems full line of supplies and services. 

Shared Service Systems is a full-line, regional healthcare products distributor serving healthcare providers in a four state region for over 40 years.  Shared Service Systems currently serves physician offices and clinics in large and small settings, both urban and rural. We can supply practically everything needed to efficiently run your clinic or hospital.

As a special program for Paramount Group, your clinic can be a part of the Physician’s Choice Buying Program and this is a special purchasing plan designed exclusively to meet the unique supply needs of physician practices, clinics and related healthcare groups. Physician’s Choice Buying Program offers your office quality products at substantial savings.

Shared Services Can Supply:

  • Medical-Surgical Equipment and supplies
  • Patient Care items
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Orthopedics kits and supplies
  • Capital Equipment
  • Diagnostics equipment/instruments
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Supplies

And More . . . we have access to thousands of items. 

Our dedicated sales consultant staff can meet to go over you current material list and make recommendations on your supplies. We also offer convenient ordering either by web, in person, fax or phone.

To learn more about Shared Service Systems and Physician’s Choice Buying Program contact Shared at: 402-536-5300 or go to their Website:

To speak with their Sales Consultants:


Kevin Giles   402-536-5300

Tim Dougherty  402-536-5300

Health Care IT and Computer Networks and Health Information

Computer System Integration and EMR Configuration

            WRK Systems

IT Networking Solutions

WRK Systems provides complete single source computer networking and support solutions to medical clinics throughout the Midwest. Our networking and EHR integration services include the following: 

Onsite Network Installation and Integration - We are hardware and software integration experts, and work with many EHR software vendors to provide a secure and stable IT environment. We will support your practice during the entire implementation and deployment process – from defining your IT network requirements to coordinating deployment with your selected software vendors to on-site support services.  Our Proactive Management Service offers on-going support and management of your entire IT infrastructure.

Onsite and Remote Backup – Whether you chose to backup your data onsite (at your practice) or offsite (remote storage), WRK Systems can help you. WRK will evaluate your practice’s data backup needs and develop a customized and effective solution. Let us help you decide what best meet your needs.

Remote Access Solutions - Our expert technicians can set up any number of remote communication systems for your practice so you can stay in touch with your office anytime and anywhere. Our solutions include: Secure VPNs, SSL Portal Access, and other remote access configurations.

System Upgrades which can help your medical practice run more efficiently such as:

  • Secure Wi-Fi Implementation
  • Firewall Solutions
  • Hosted “Cloud” Email
  • Microsoft Exchange internal mail
  • VMWare & Citrix Virtualization Solutions

Paramount Group Members are eligible for following exclusive discounts:

  • Zero Cost Network Evaluation
  • 20% - Services Discount (Startup Clinics)
  • 10% - Support Agreement Discount

Contact WRK at:

Phone:  800-888-2135

Employment Verification and Background Checks

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery/Collections

    Hauge Associates

In these economic times, debt collection is vital, and you want the best working for you.

Debt Recovery-Hauge Associates, Inc- with more than 30 years of cost recovery service experience and a strong commitment to customer service--Hauge operates one of the most efficient and proven cost recovery and collections programs in the region. Healthcare professionals rely on Hauge.

To learn more about their program contact them directly at:
Hauge & Associates Contact: Charlie Cole
Phone: 800-284-3131