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Payer Negotiations/Contracting

Paramount Group, LLC

Being a part of an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) has a lot of advantages.

Paramount Group, LLC is one of the Midwest’s most respected contract negotiation organizations. Paramount Group maintains the contracts with its payor groups so you can focus on what is important: quality and efficient patient care.  Paramount negotiates contracts from the physician's perspective and continuously evaluates and monitors the healthcare environment to ensure that the needs of its members are being met.

There are many benefits to joining Paramount Group and physicians and clinic managers are encouraged to contact us to learn more about the benefits.

Paramount Group Offers:

  • Provider focused contract negotiations
  • Contracts are reviewed annually  
  • Obtain delegation of credentialing when required
  • Act as a liaison between plans, physicians and accountable care organizations
  • Payor resource center and education
  • Credentialing and Quality Assurance program to help ensure quality
  • Dispute resolution  
  • Physician and hospital relations

        And more . . . .

There is a nominal fee to join Paramount. However, the cost is offset by the services provided and outcomes achieved.

Join Paramount Today and Let Us Work For You

To Join: A prospective physician is required to complete the appropriate paperwork, which includes a Paramount Group Physician Agreement and Consent & Release Forms. Currently, Paramount uses the services of Nebraska Credentialing Verification Organization (NCVO) for our application and verification services. They can be reached at (402) 343-1108. Upon approval of the Paramount Credentialing Committee and Paramount Board, the physician is eligible to participate in any or all of Paramount's plans. Some plans have their own credentialing criteria, which must be met as well.

Contact Paramount Group Today.